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9G Series Conductive Chair

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The 9G series conductive industrial chair offers excellent ergonomics and comfort due to its well-designed, moulded seat and backrest contouring. These technical chairs can be compatible with Class 10 Cleanrooms, Class 100 Cleanrooms, and ESD-sensitive environments. 

The 9G conductive cleanroom ESD chairs are designed with a secondary grounding path through our proprietary, stainless steel G-STUD. G-STUDs are carefully embedded on the 9G's seat and backrest. When seated, electrical resistance from the operator's body to castor wheels will be kept below 1,000,000 Ω. This is in line with static control standards outlined for operations involving ammunition, highly-explosive chemicals, and flammable vapours.

Unlike traditional seating, the 9G conductive industrial chair has a plywood-free construction, making it environmentally-friendly and more importantly, eliminates possible bacterial growth in our high-humidity climate.

Common applications include exposed sensitive explosives, ammunition manufacturing and storage, chemical manufacturing, and semiconductor-related industries.

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