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Technical S5 Cleanroom ESD Saddle Stool

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The technical S5 cleanroom ESD saddle stool has a self-skinned, polyurethane (PU) moulded seat. The seat structure is constructed to mimic a horse saddle, enabling its user greater mobility. This industrial saddle stool is ideal for operations where frequent sitting, standing, and unrestricted upper body movement is required.


A saddle seat positions both thighs downwards, keeping the spine its natural curved position. This improves blood circulation from the upper body to the legs, reduces fatigue and relieves back pain.


Megatek uses custom-formulated, ESD-safe PU material which has excellent chemical resistance and is tough against abrasion, cuts, and frequent wipedowns with disinfectants. This makes the S5 ideal to withstand harsh environments. 


The S5 cleanroom ESD saddle stool is compatible with Class 100 Cleanrooms, Class 1000 Cleanrooms, ESD protected areas, and other ESD-sensitive environments.

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